Windows Software Development

Dart Computing offers professional custom programming for the Microsoft Windows operating environment.  Our software is fully compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.  The software is written using the latest version of Microsoft C++ with Microsoft Foundation Classes: this allows us to include all the features available with Windows, and gives us the ultimate in flexibility to create whatever kind of application you require.

Our service includes detailed discussions leading to finalisation of a specification; full liaison with the customer during software development, incorporating feedback at every stage; full testing of the product prior to handover and full support of the software after the job is completed.

  • Thorough systems analysis results in detailed specification that meets your budget and precise functionality requirements
  • Coding is carried out using the latest Microsoft Visual Studio environment to ensure reliable, trouble-free software and an easy upgrade path
  • Alpha testing is carried out on the premises to the agreed specification
  • When you require modifications or bug fixes, we will be around to help meet your requirements long after the job was completed.

Two major projects that we have worked on are:

Countryside Information System
This sophisticated application has been developed and enhanced solely by Dart Computing for DEFRA and CEH.  The software is currently used across the UK and Northern Ireland, and further development is ongoing.

New Atlas of the British and Irish Flora
This OUP publication, released in July 2002, includes software written exclusively by Dart Computing for the display and manipulation of the atlas data.

If you have requirements for full-featured Windows software development, please ring us or complete the online enquiry form below.


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